Our pastor  

Overseer Alonztrae V. A. Yancey

Set Pastor/ servant  

Overseer Alonztrae V. A. Yancey 

Pastor & Prophet Alonztrae V. Yancey is born to the proud parents of The Late Bro.Elvis Manning and Shepherd Mother Candes Yancey. on April 24th, 1977

Overseer Yancey is the Set Pastor of the Anchor of Hope Prophetic & Deliverance Fellowship Assemblies Inc, & the Kingdom Minded International Ministries, Inc.  Which is now called The Remnant Worship & Praise Deliverance Center, Inc. The Church was born on November 20th, 2006, under the covering of Bishop John J. Parson Jr. Pastor and Founder of the Praise, Healing & Deliverance Temple Fellowship Assemblies Inc, located in Paterson New Jersey which is our National Head Quarters Church.

Overseer Yancey Confessed with his mouth and believed in his heart and accepted the Lord into his life on October 28th, 1988, he also received the baptism of the Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues as the spirit gave utterance, at his home church where he was reared from his youth which was the House Of Jacob Church # 1 located in West Haven Ct, where his former Pastor and founder is the Bishop Harold Golston Sr.

Overseer Yancey accepted the call into ministry on January 26th 1996, not counting himself worthy to preach the gospel but God saw fit to use him in a miraculous way. And he has been running ever since. he has been preaching for 15 years (To God Be The Glory). Pastor Yancey has a burden for young people of all ages, as well as the old.

Overseer Yancey has set under anointed leaders such as his spiritual father Bishop Ocie Gorham, former Pastor of the Mt. Olive # 2 Holy Ghost Deliverance Church, it was there where he became a faithful and dedicated as well as humble adjutant to the bishop for 10 whole years.

He later moved on under anointed leaders in the persons of Bishop Lionel Lawson, Overseer Victoria Edwards, Apostle Michael Bobien & many others.

Overseer Yancey also set under the anointed leadership of Prophetess Margaret Rivers, the Pastor of Unity & Praise Greater Deliverance Tabernacle, Inc. located in the fair city of New Haven Ct, where he served as the Pastors Personal Administrator, Church Chief Administrator, he also served on the Pastor Aide Board, Usher Board, Praise & Worship Team, The Church Community Choir, and The Church Choir.

Presently he is the Founder and the CEO of Greater Love Prophetic & Deliverance Crusade Outreach Ministries Inc, which is a outreach ministry where he along with his outreach team reach out to the community by feeding them, clothing them, assisting them in any way possible, and extending them an open invitation to know the Lord.

Overseer Yancey was installed and consecrated as the set Pastor by the board and college of Pastors of the Deliverance Fellowship Assemblies Worldwide, and a host of Clergy, by the laying on of hands-on April 29th, 2007, in the year of our LORD. and at the same time elder Yancey was also place in the position as the presiding Elder for the New England District, he is also the National Evangelist for Deliverance Fellowship World Wide (Organization). as well as the Chief Administrator to our Chief Apostle.

On Saturday April 25th , 2007 Pastor Yancey was set aside and consecrated to the sacred office of Overseer in the year of our LORD.

Overseer Yancey is known to some by his prophetic dance when giving God the praise, some have called him David, and others have called him shouting John, but in the end when it all add up it equals praise is what he do. And praise is who he is.

Overseer Yancey is a dangerous warrior when it comes to the prophetic relm, he walks heavy in the prophetic relm, he believes in crying loud and sparing not, and lifting up his voice like a trumpet.

Overseer Yancey have been through many hard trials and tribulations, he even stared death right in the face, but he stands firm on his motto which is when the devil seems to have a plot God always have a plan.