Associate Elder Ronald Yancey 

Elder Ronald Boykin - Yancey is born to the proud parents of Ms. Geraldine Kee and Mr. Ronald Boykin Sr. on September 9th, 1991. He is the father of three Krysyan ,Martha, and Noah, he is also the god parent of Jason, and Zakiyla.

Elder Ronald Yancey accepted the call into ministry on May 15th, 2011, and he has been preaching and teaching the word of God ever since. He is a Preacher, Praiser ,singer, and prophet and somebody that Love the Lord with all his heart and one that fears the Lord.

He is Visionary of the Save Our Souls Outreach Ministry that the lord allow him to give birth to , where they feed the hungry, clothed the naked, and minister to the lost at any cost letting them know that there is hope and that their soul can be saved through Jesus Christ.

Elder Ronald Yancey Favorite scripture is Hebrews 11:1

This is not the end of His-Story!