But I will gather the REMNANT... and they shall be fruitful and increase! - Jeremiah 23:3-4

The Remnant Worship & Praise Deliverance   Center is a church of spiritual goals and Godly aspirations. Our goal is to aide the people of God in becoming delivered from the spirit of fear. In which they are no longer walking in confusion and there’s no sight of spiritual or natural lack within their lives.

Welcome to The Remnant Worship & Praise Deliverance  Center website.  At "The Remnant" our goal is to help individual’s become healthy, whole, and productive within the Kingdom of God, to teach them how to walk in faith and holiness through sanctification and purification, and to rebuild the total man body, mind, and spirit. Enjoy our website, and then come join us during one of our power packed worship services!!

"A Place Where a few, affect many"